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Pro Tools 11 and the plugin Monster…

December 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Just a quick note on some great customer service I received from a software developer today. I’ve just begun a 30 day trial of Pro Tools 11 and there’s a lot to like about it. After 4 days of trying, I haven’t been able to break it. The only negative so far has been with plugins. Avid dropped RTAS and is now only rolling with 64 bit/AAX, and for some, this has been a huge issue. I made the 64 bit jump this summer and dumped most, ahem… *all* of my old legacy 32 bit VST/AU plugins, and thought I had made it through this process unscathed. However, I’m still coming up short in the RTAS to AAX department.


I discovered a few painful “gotchas” during this eval period, but one of the biggest was ValhallaDSP’s Vintage Verb. Love, love, love it. Silky smooth and all that. I didn’t realize that I was missing it until I went to use it today.


So, I shot the dev an email – #1, to let them know how much I love the product, and #2, to ask when an AAX version would be available. To my surprise, Sean responded no less than 5 minutes after I sent the inquiry. Not only that, he sent me a link to a beta AAX version to try. He asked that I let him know if I have any issues, as well as providing me another install of the previous version “if things go totally crazy”.

This is why, more often than not, I’m giving my money to smaller online developers. It’s much harder to get anything from the “Triple A” of software (Apple, Avid & Adobe), let alone a response within 5 minutes and beta version to try.

I try not to come across as a shill in my blog – Ethics Statement: I do not work for any of the companies I rave about, nor am I paid in any way for said raving – but I do like to spread the word on the stuff I use and find helpful.

Today’s rave – ValhallaDSP. They make good s**t, and provide stellar customer service.


Pro Tools – Fixed…

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve had DSLR on the brain so much lately that I failed to notice the Pro Tools 8.0.4 update released last week. I know… I’m slipping, right?

Digidesign (now Avid) seems to have fixed a number of things, most notably, that PT didn’t work well on 10.6.4 and the new i5/i7 processors. I was experiencing major problems with some of my plugins (mostly Native Instruments stuff), where PT would stall or freeze after hitting play.

I’m now a happy camper. However, I’ve been using Logic exclusively, and now have a bit of a conundrum. I love the sound of Logic – many will argue that sequencers don’t actually have a “sound”, but I’m here to say that, to me, they do. Logic is darker, smoother and fuller sounding. Tools is crisper, clearer, and brighter. Recorded guitars sound really good in one, where synths and vocals sound better in the other. I guess it depends on the source material one is working with, but overall I prefer Pro Tools.

Editing audio is another bone of contention that I have with Logic. It’s archaic, plain and simple. Again, Tools is intuitive and elegant. However, Logic scores big on included effects – one could go to master with the built in effects alone and not feel bad about it, although Digi stepped their game up with version 8 of PT. The new effect plugins are not Logic caliber, but are much better than previous versions.

And then there’s Ableton Live – great musical sketch pad when ideas are slow in coming, yet its crappy mixing has me transferring everything into Logic to finish – but that’s another blog entry.

They all have their collective strengths. That’s why I own and use all three.

The bottom line – I recorded the bulk of my album in PT, and moved it all to Logic when I began having problems. I’m not going to move it all back. I started mixing in Logic, and I’ll finish it there, but I’ll begin making the move back to Pro Tools with each new song idea.

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