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The Great American Stand-Off

July 1, 2012 Leave a comment

If there’s one constant that I can count on is my need for change. That, and my need for a good workspace. I’ve tried almost every configuration imaginable, but nothing has made me happy for any real length of time.

My last config was nice – until the headaches started. Most likely the result of sitting far too close to a 42″ LDC display. Talk about your space cadet glow (I felt warm a lot). Yep, it looked great, but was bad in practice.

This brings me to today’s entry. I was listening to NPR yesterday while on my way to a freelance gig, and the conversation headline was, “Is sitting too much killing us?”. Ok, I’m “King of the Sitters”, so they had my attention. The guest was a doctor that wrote at length about how we’ve become a sedentary society, and how that is killing us slowly. [Follow the link for a list of risk factors]. The story also featured anecdotal interviews with office folk that have transitioned to standing on the job.

I began to ponder this and realized that I sit 90% of the day. Most of my jobs involve monitors, computers and a chair. Given the fact that my freelance gig yesterday was field sound – the rare gig where one stands for a few hours with a field mixer and boom mic, it really brought the radio conversation home.

Combine all of that with my constant need to change my home setup, I found myself at it again. This time with the standing workstation concept in mind. I had my Mother’s high-top table in my garage, and it’s the perfect size to put my gear on and work while standing.

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I clam-shelled the MBP and put all of my drives on the bottom shelf. I’m now limited to one monitor, but I’ve found the high resolution screen of the Macbook was getting harder to read (even with glasses) – yes, it sucks getting older. I actually prefer the (lower resolution) single 22″ monitor. The Oxygen49 keyboard, FaderPort and trackball/mouse all fit perfectly.

Two hours later, I had everything cabled up and operational, and I’m currently typing this while standing. In fact, I’ve challenged myself to stand while working for the month of July.

Can I really go 30 days of standing?

Realizing that’s a tall order, the table is part of a set with two stools, so I can sit if I have to, but they’re not made for comfort, so I won’t sit on them for long periods.

We’ll see how I do this month, and more importantly, we’ll see how I feel and if standing makes a difference.

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Been a long time…

May 28, 2012 Leave a comment

December 23rd??? Really? That was my last entry here? 6 months ago?

Wow. What the hell?

Ok, seeing how it’s yet another holiday that I’m stuck at work, I guess I have time to play catch up. I’ve been super busy (to say the least) and freelance has been very, very good to me.

The highlights:


– St. Oalf Choir Holiday Concert shoot for TPT

SNS goes HD!

– Recording sessions with Talia

– Xmas vacation out East (Happy Birthday to me)


– Shot a music doc for local band

Fitness On Request shoot

– “Stay-cation” in town


– “Bloom Where You’re Planted” doc/shoot

– Shot and cut “We Found Love – LIVE Arrangement” video

– Audio engineer @ TPT (trained in for pledge drive relief)

– Maryland/Florida vacation


“Pete Hegseth for Senate 2012” promo video for GOP Convention

– Pre production for 2nd Fitness On Request shoot

– Home studio additions and upgrades


– Fitness On Request

Darnell Davis Concert shoot.

– Lifetime Fitness shoot

Whew… One thing I’ve learned from the above list is that I vacation a lot, and I make no apologies for it. My motto is – work hard, play harder. My current work cycle is that the freelance funds the vacations, and that’s alright with me.

In fact, I’m currently working to fund the next big vacay as I type this, and next week promises to be no exception. I’ll be technical directing Fitness On Request shows during the day, while mixing TPT pledge at night.

Hell, the only reason I have the time to write this entry is that I brought the wrong hard drive with me to work and I can’t edit SNS. I’m almost 2 episodes ahead.

Tomorrow is more FOR pre-pro and a site survey for the upcoming concert shoot. I’m looking forward to that. It’s always a treat being around musicians with great chops (and those church boys have chops… yessiiiirrrr).

Anywho – I’ll post some pics from some of the above events so this place doesn’t seem so cold and empty.

Randomly selected six month review in photos –

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Back and Forth…

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Like my exhaustive over-long DAW shootout a few months ago, I’m now doing the same with my editing software. I’ve been a Final Cut Pro editor for years, but I gave Premiere Pro a shot back in 2009. Despite cutting a music video with it, and even liking some of the features, I found the CS4  experience to be clunky and buggy. It wasn’t hard to stay with FCP.

Flash forward to to the release of FCP X (and all that went with it), and a lot of folks are taking a serious look at Premiere again. I’ve begun playing with the new version and I’m amazed that I can pull T2i footage off the card, right into Premiere – no transcoding needed. To be fair, you could do this in CS4, but it didn’t always work (at least for me).

With CS5, the Canon footage played with little effort on my MBP. Again, I’m taking footage right off the card – I haven’t added color correction, fades or attempted to composite anything yet.

For now, I’m getting reacquainted with Premiere, and thanks to, and it’s training series for FCP editors making the transition, I’m digging it so far. If editing Canon’s version of AVCHD doesn’t bring my laptop to a crawl, I can see the benefit of switching to it. I can’t count the hours that I’ve spent waiting for transcodes. I often shoot several commercials in bulk over a few days, then edit over several weeks. I batch-transcode with Red Giant’s “Grinder”, and that experience can be like watching paint dry, not to mention the crazy big file sizes associated with converting to ProRes.

With the added benefit of Photoshop and After Effects integration, this could be a no-brainer. It will take working through a project to see if I’m my cutting in FCP will be final. (yeah, I went there…).

Phase Two…

November 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Amongst all of the other projects and stuff I have to get to, I’ve been trying to put together a PC for the purpose of capturing HDMI video for editing. I was given an old PC to resurrect, but after opening it up, the age of the machine won’t allow for it. I’m now locked into building a new system.

I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, so I’m researching the current crop of PC motherboards. The main requirement is a PCIe slot for the Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card. I was given the card today, so I can spec out a board, chip, memory and case. As always, price is a consideration, which means this has to happen with little or no budget.


I have to admit – I’m more than a little intrigued by the Intensity Pro card, and can’t wait to get it into a system. If for no other reason than to see how performs. If successful, the info gleaned here may be useful on another project of mine. The box says that multiple cards can be installed to control multiple cameras, so it’s worth investigating.

It’s shaping up to be a fun side project. I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress…

Thanks PreSonus…

November 5, 2011 2 comments

I’ve been DAW hopping for most of the year, and have written extensively about it. I’ve grown tired of Logic and it’s extremely slow development. It’s competition (Reaper, Cubase, etc) have all surpassed it with new features and workflow improvements. Add the colossal f–k up of the Final Cut X release, and my faith in Apple has been shaken. Logic users are now holding our collective breaths to see if Apple will butcher it in the same manner.

While waiting for Logic X to arrive, I began testing the waters of the competition, and I spent 6 solid months with Reaper during the Alpha and Beta test cycles. The truth? I like(d) it a lot. Reaper is a powerful program, but I find that, at times, it can get in the way of creativity, mostly because of it’s power and sheer number of choices. An oft written refrain on the Reaper forum is “I just want to make music and not code a program”.

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That brings me to Studio One. I was excited by it when it was released over a year ago. However, it was too limited at the time (no AU plug in support was huge for me), so I passed and took a “wait and see” position.

Thankfully, PreSonus dropped a bomb 2 weeks ago with version 2 of Studio One. The biggest selling point for me was the Melodyne integration. Melodyne is THE ultimate in pitch correction software. It will correct damn near anything without the dreaded T-Pain effect (unless, of course, that’s what you’re after).

I’ve been a Melodyne user for years, but I often reach for Auto Tune because, frankly, I’m lazy. Melodyne requires some work, and a small dose of music theory. In short, you can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing. The bigger Melodyne issue for me is with the plug-in itself. It runs “in tandem” with your DAW, making file management tricky. It’s easy to lose the pointers to your corrected files if you work with multiple drives.

To solve this issue, Celemony created the ARA protocol for Melodyne and partnered up with PreSonus. ARA provides internal two way communication between the plug in and the host. The bottom line is it’s now easier to use. If you’re not interested in S1, but want the Melodyne integration, fear not. The ARA protocol will appear in other hosts early next year. PreSonus is getting the head start.

As you can tell, I’m a bit excited about S1, and I’ve been test driving it a great deal. Yesterday, I decided to use it for voice over recording and audio sweetening on a commercial spot I shot recently. Let me say that the workflow for video post is well… awesome is the word I’d use… It’s much faster than Tools, Logic and Reaper.

In the screen shots above, I dropped a reference cut into S1. Imported the audio. Opened the Video window. Set a level on the FirePod and within seconds was recoding my VO. After some EQ and compression, I had it pushed back into Final Cut. I did the final mix in FCP, but next time I’ll mix the entire spot (music, VO, and sound effects) in S1 and print the final mix there.

It’s never been so easy… I haven’t even touched on the music aspects yet. I’m sold, and Apple had better bring the pain with Logic X, or I’m staying with S1.  I’ve already transferred some Logic songs to S1 to mix, and I like what I’m hearing.

As always, your mileage may vary…

Been a long time…

November 4, 2011 3 comments

I became a Mac user back in 2003, and I’ve never looked back. My love affair with the Apple has been rewarding and filled with an insane amount of creativity… But… I got my hands back inside a PC this morning (it’s a long story) and I have to admit – I’ve missed it.

I’ve done more than my share of self-builds back in the day, and I forgot how much fun it is to be in the innards of a computer. Yeah, call me a geek. I’ll cop to it.

Long story short, I have to get this particular PC up and running so that it can accommodate a PCIe capture card. However, upon closer inspection, it may not be up for the task of streaming HD video, let alone editing. Dell seems to have some proprietary stuff going on in there on the motherboard, so it may be cheaper to build a new one.

Lucky for my son, I don’t give up that easy, and like a puzzle that needs to be solved. I’m on it. The problem with that is, I now have the urge to build again…

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Monitor Problem Solved. Thank You Internet…

August 16, 2011 5 comments

So it’s DVI, not HDMI… Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you internet…

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