Music. Video. Love. Life – That’s what it’s all about…

Terry began his lifelong love affair with music at a very young age. His mother said that he used to drop the needle on records (without scratching them) soon after walking, and would spin music at her house parties throughout the 70’s.

So it began – numerous mix-tapes and mock radio shows were recorded through his early teens. Again, his mother lovingly recounts the story of coming home early from work and putting on a tape of music, only to hear her son’s voice introducing the songs (catching her off guard in the process).

The ’80’s saw his first guitar (a Yamaha SG350), followed by his first keyboard (Kawaii K1) and a Commodore 64 to sequence music on – an emerging technology at the time. Although not classically trained (he faked his way through two years of violin by playing by ear), Terry makes music on whatever is available, but has always surrounded himself with technology – preferring to use computers to document his work.

In the early ’90’s, Terry joined the Minneapolis based techno band ‘X-Ray Kiss‘ playing guitar and keyboards. Along with John, Stephanie and Kim, the band pushed technology to it’s limits to create energetic and spectacular live shows. Staying true to it’s underground performance-art roots, the band pressed a 12″ vinyl single for the song “Manic Panic” and Terry shot and directed the accompanying video on super 8 film. He sites an outdoor show in downtown Minneapolis – playing to an “ocean of people” and his final performance with the band at First Ave as memorable moments.

Video – The other love of his life…

Together with his best friend and classmate, Terry developed his passion for video, producing “The Friday Video Show” at Saint Paul Central High School. The school proved to be creative fertile ground for many in the late 80’s, as he attended with members of the band “Mint Condition” (musical heroes of his). In the midst of this creative tempest, Terry knew that he would make his career in television from those early days of experimentation with the medium.

Since then he has done so – in many forms and facets. From cable access, to satellite, to broadcast, to education. Video and television have always been at the forefront for this professed tech head and gear junkie. Music, however, is his one true love, and he works hard to bring the two disciplines together whenever possible.

Terry has scored commercials, documentaries, composed and produced songs, directed music videos, and produced television programs – many highlights in a career that is as varied as it is eclectic, much like the man himself.

Welcome to his world…

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