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The Great American Stand-Off

If there’s one constant that I can count on is my need for change. That, and my need for a good workspace. I’ve tried almost every configuration imaginable, but nothing has made me happy for any real length of time.

My last config was nice – until the headaches started. Most likely the result of sitting far too close to a 42″ LDC display. Talk about your space cadet glow (I felt warm a lot). Yep, it looked great, but was bad in practice.

This brings me to today’s entry. I was listening to NPR yesterday while on my way to a freelance gig, and the conversation headline was, “Is sitting too much killing us?”. Ok, I’m “King of the Sitters”, so they had my attention. The guest was a doctor that wrote at length about how we’ve become a sedentary society, and how that is killing us slowly. [Follow the link for a list of risk factors]. The story also featured anecdotal interviews with office folk that have transitioned to standing on the job.

I began to ponder this and realized that I sit 90% of the day. Most of my jobs involve monitors, computers and a chair. Given the fact that my freelance gig yesterday was field sound – the rare gig where one stands for a few hours with a field mixer and boom mic, it really brought the radio conversation home.

Combine all of that with my constant need to change my home setup, I found myself at it again. This time with the standing workstation concept in mind. I had my Mother’s high-top table in my garage, and it’s the perfect size to put my gear on and work while standing.

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I clam-shelled the MBP and put all of my drives on the bottom shelf. I’m now limited to one monitor, but I’ve found the high resolution screen of the Macbook was getting harder to read (even with glasses) – yes, it sucks getting older. I actually prefer the (lower resolution) single 22″ monitor. The Oxygen49 keyboard, FaderPort and trackball/mouse all fit perfectly.

Two hours later, I had everything cabled up and operational, and I’m currently typing this while standing. In fact, I’ve challenged myself to stand while working for the month of July.

Can I really go 30 days of standing?

Realizing that’s a tall order, the table is part of a set with two stools, so I can sit if I have to, but they’re not made for comfort, so I won’t sit on them for long periods.

We’ll see how I do this month, and more importantly, we’ll see how I feel and if standing makes a difference.

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